2019 Dates Summary

9th February - New Teachers to VCE Philosophy Workshop
24th February, 3rd March, 31st March - Community of Inquiry Level One training (Semester One)
14th March - VAPS AGM
4th April - Middle Years Philosothon (Melbourne Museum)
19th May - Unit 3 VCE Philosophy Forum
14th June - Victorian Primary Schools Philosothon
18th July - Middle Years Philosothon (Immigration Museum)
15th Sep- Unit 4 VCE Philosophy Forum
18th Aug, 1st Sep & 15th Sep- Community of Inquiry Level One training (Semester Two)
13th August - Victorian Secondary Schools Philosothon at Wesley College
12th September - Middle Years Philosothon (Scienceworks Museum)
20th Oct, 27th Oct, 10th Nov. Introductory COI workshops.
15th, 16th, 17th November - Advanced Practice Teacher Workshop
21st November - Middle Years Philosothon (Melbourne Museum)

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