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Members' Resources for VCE Philosophy

Below are a range of resources and presentations. Most of the resources have been donated by members of the Committee, teachers of philosophy, professional philosophers and supporters of VAPS. Many of the presentations come from Forums, seminars or workshops delivered at VAPS events. The Committee thanks all contributors for their work and for their willingness to share their work with VAPS and its members. 

The resources below can be downloaded and adapted for use within the bounds of the Disclaimer for Resource Use which can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Trial Examinations and Advice

VAPS Trial Examination - 2020 version

Mock Examiner's report - 2020 version

VAPS Trial Examination - 2019 version

Advice for Section B of the Exam - 2019 version

Examination Revision Lectures October 11, 2020

Smart and Nagel by Peter Soutar

Locke and Hume by Tristan Hill

Technology and Section C essay responses by Lenny Robinson-McCarthy

Exam revision strategies by Kristy Forrest

Unit 4 Forum July 26th, 2020

Chris Cordner - Aristotle & Plato

Andrew Inkpin - Nietzsche, Callicles, and Modern Technology

Phil Etherington - The Exam

Unit 3 Forum May 17th, 2020

Olivia Carter - On the Science of Consciousness

Laura Schroeter - On the Hard Problem of Consciousness

Klaus Jahn - Personal Identity with Locke, Hume, and Michaels

Unit 4 Forum Sep 15th, 2019

Klaus Jahn - Susan Wolf: Meaning in Life and Why it Matters

Being a Philosopher in VCE

Unit 3 Forum May 19th, 2019

Dana Goswick - Personal Identity in the 21st Century

Laura Schroeter - The 'Hard' Problem of Consciousness: Can Science Explain 'What It's Like' to Have Experiences?

Huma Chaudhry - Ethical Machines: Intelligent Cars

Olivia Carter - The Science of Consciousness

Unit 4 Forum July 29th, 2018


Unit 3 Forum May 20th, 2018


Practice Examinations (2015 - 2019 Study Design)

This is a link to the VCAA Philosophy page which has previous VCAA Examinations as well as the Examiner's Reports for each Examination by year.

Practice exams (2015 - 2019 Study Design)
The following practice examinations are not VCAA exams and do not necessarily reflect VCAA standards. They are offered here for use by other VAPS members as a reference but you are invited to modify them to suit your students' needs.

SAC Archive (2015 - 2019 Study Design)


Trial SAC questions

​SAC Assessment sheets

VCE UNITS 3 and 4


Unit 3: Area of Study One

Unit 3: Area of Study Two

Unit 4: Areas of Study One and Two

VCE UNITS 1 and 2


Unit 1

Unit 2

General Topics for VCE Philosophy and Additional Resources

SAC Archive (pre-2014 Study Design)

VAPS Philosophy Resources Honour Board

Educators who have contributed resources to this site include:
Dirk Baltzly
Monica Bini
Jennifer Bleazby
Amber Carpenter
Chris Cordner
Penny Davies
Jo Faulkner
Clinton Golding
Adam Hands
Marguerite Heppell
Edward Jeremiah
Kylie Kerr
Roman Mankowski
Clare McKay
Robert Miller
Ross Phillips
Michael Polack
Janette Poulton
Lyn Renwood
Lenny Robinson-McCarthy
Darrell Reid
Michelle Rocca
Laura Schroeter
Anna Symes
Emmanuel Skoutas
Barry Taylor
Dylan Thorn
George Vassilopolous
James Watt
Tristan Hill
Michael Barton
Ruth Boeker
Jared Horvath
Brennan McDavid
Arthur O'Neill
Keith Hankins
...and others yet to be restored to their place of rightful recognition.

Disclaimer for Resource Use

1. Disclaimer

The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors of resources on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools (VAPS).

VAPS accepts no responsibility for the use of downloaded resources by members or the accuracy of the information of the resources.

2. Copyright Statement

A. The author of each article published on this web site owns his or her own words.

B. The resources on this web site may be downloaded and adapted for members' use as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Any resources downloaded and adapted should respect the integrity of the work of the orginal author where possible.
  • Any resources downloaded may not be sold for a profit or included in another media or publication that is sold for a profit without the express consent of the Committee of VAPS.

3. Submissions

Resources may be submitted for possible publication on this web site by contacting the Education and Innovations Officer (email on the Contact page).