VAPS 2016 Conference Resources

The following is a list of Presenters at the 2016 VAPS Conference and links to associated resources, PowerPoint presentations and other relevant material. Please note that not all session have postable items and not all presenters wished to have their materials posted.

A warm thank you to all presenters who offered their time and thought in presenting at the Conference and sharing these resources with VAPS members.

* Keynote panel: Philosophy as Capability – On the value and state of philosophy in Victoria Monica Bini, Jessica Lee, Janette Poulton, Maree Griffiths, Tristan Hill, Michelle Rocca, Stephan Stuart (No resources)

*Unit 1 and 2 Philosophy: Categories of being and moral dilemmas as a mode of exploring the strength and weaknesses of ethical theory (Arthur O’Neill and Julian Lowndes)

*Ethical Capabilities in the Victorian Curriculum Monica Bini and Michelle Rocca

*What makes water wet? (Pieter Mostert) (No resources)

*Wisdom and Knowledge: How can they impact an individual’s search for goodness? (Christopher Pennycook) (No resources)

*Friedrich Nietzsche and a Life of meaning (Tristan Hill)

*On why footballers should be philosophers (Deborah Cordingley)

*A developmental continuum of philosophical inquiry skills (Nga Tran, Melinda Rankin and Jessica Lee)

*Fostering creative thinking through philosophy (Ross Barham)

*Wisdom as the good in metamorphosis from Plato to Deely (Jean-Michel David)

*A Comparative Study of Two Schools, Two Pedagogies: A perspective from Singapore (Kristie Chen and Lim Er Yang)

*Hume on Personal Identity (James Watt)

*Teacher judgement in the Community of Inquiry (Emmanuel Skoutas) (No resources)

*On ‘Game Players’ and enabling students to develop the edge on thinking capabilities (Deborah Cordingley)

*Keynote address: Why Phi? (Peter Worley) (No resources)

*Transition Project: Training secondary school students in facilitating philosophical enquiry (Emma Worley) (No resources)

*Dialogue Versus Debate: Justifications for the Community of Inquiry (Bonnie Zuidland)

*SACs and Assessments for VCE Philosophy and VCE Philosophy examinations (James Watt and Phil Etherington)

*The Philosophy Foundation’s (TPF) Philosophical Enquiry (PhiE) (Peter Worley) (No resources)

*A Sequential K-6 Ethics Curriculum: What role might it play in building ethical capability? (Sue Knight)

*Dirty Hands – On engaging students with ethics (Phil Steinke)

*Altruism in Light of Dependent Origination: Teaching ‘The Questions of King Milinda’ (Tim Scott)

*Factitious Virtue Attribution as a Tool for Educators (James McGuire)

*Ethical decision making and the Victorian Capabilities (Janette Poulton)

*Keys to Plato: The Forms, the psyche and good living (Tristan Hill)

*From Socrates to P4C: Does philosophy corrupt the youth? (Pieter Mostert)

*What can philosophy add to subject teaching? (Tim Sprod)