Lesson Plans (Years 7-10)

If you would like to contribute any of your lesson plans or other resource materials that may be useful for other VAPS members, we would be delighted to post them on this site. Please send your contributions to the Education Officer. Thanks!


Year 10 Philosophy:

The following video recordings contain short summaries or overviews of the activities and discussions completed in weekly Philosophy online classes at Distance Education Centre Victoria.  The focus of the Philosophy Yr 10 Elective is 'Relationships'; investigating our relationships with family, friends, loved ones, animals, authority, strangers and the environment. The subject reports to Critical and Creative Thinking of the Victorian Curriculum. For further ideas and resources please feel free to contact teachers James jwatt@distance.vic.edu.au or Julian jlowndes@distance.vic.edu.au 

The vidoes can be best used for scope and sequence ideas for middle years philosophy courses or other brainstorming for class activities.

Week 1, Family: https://connect.vic.edu.au/p5gdk4wesgg/

Week 2, Friendship: https://connect.vic.edu.au/p4mln2i0ch8/

Week 3, Friendship (keeping and dropping a friend): https://connect.vic.edu.au/p3mssb6no3y/

Week 4, love: https://connect.vic.edu.au/p65wchc3bl2/

Week 5, Differences and kinds of animals: https://connect.vic.edu.au/p141zjab44u/

Week 6: Relationship with non-human animals (what we owe animals?): https://connect.vic.edu.au/p6h8p2vt0mg/ 

Week 7: Relationship with Strangers (The Social Contract): https://connect.vic.edu.au/p21dijh3lb0/

Week 8: Relationship with Strangers and Discrimination (Harry Potter): https://connect.vic.edu.au/p9ndpu99488/

Week 9: Relationship with Authority: https://connect.vic.edu.au/p8t91dovghc/

Week 10: Relationship with Authority:https://connect.vic.edu.au/p8ghn7jfzya/

Week 11: Relationship with the Environment: https://connect.vic.edu.au/p247lp0bi68/

Week 12: Relationship with the Environment (what value does nature have?): https://connect.vic.edu.au/p89efc65zuj/


Year 10 Philosophy teachers may also find the following resources useful:
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