Lesson Plans and Resources (Primary)

The following Pre Trial information documents were created by Dr Janette Poulton at the Ethical Capabilities Northern Hub (state library).

These resources are designed for Teachers to use as part of class preparations before taking part in Ethical Trail activities at the State Library:

Pre Trial Fairness Resources (Years 3 and 4):

Access to Pre visit Resource Document for the Fairness Trial can be found by clicking here.

Access to Pre visit resources Powerpoint for the Fairness Trial can be found by clicking here.



You may like to take a look at some of the following Youtube Videos relating to Philosophy with Children to help develop Ethical Capabilities curriculum at the primary level or in preparation before VAPS PD Training : Philosophy with Children – Philip Cam Dr Sara Goering on TED Philosophy for Children with Matthew Lipman in 7 parts P4C with 10 year olds with James Nottingham Picture Book Philosophy with Tom Wartenburg

Philosophy with Children – Philip Cam


 Dr Sara Goering on TED


 Philosophy for Children with Matthew Lipman in 7 parts


 P4C with 10 year olds with James Nottingham


 UW 360 - November 2011: Philosophy for Children with Professor Jana Mohr


 Picture Book Philosophy with Tom Wartenburg


 Philosophy, Logic and Reason


Other classroom resources
A member has suggested the following books for use in the classroom:
- “Erik the Viking” by Monty Python’s Terry Jones, which contains a wonderful chapter on leadership, another on trust (recommended for grades 2 - 6)
- “Fox” by Margaret Wild - a picture book which deals with issues such as friendship, vulnerability and the stranger (recommended for use throughout the primary years).

Take a look at these great resources for philosophical discussion on the Edmonton Public Library website. They were developed by P4C Alberta (Canada) to help guide philosophical discussions based on picture books.. (Click on the P4C tab on the menu.)