VCE Unit 4 Forum 2015

VCE Philosophers' Forum on Sunday 13th September 2015

VAPS is pleased to announce the Unit 4 VCE Philosophy Forum. This is a great opportunity for students to hear from experts in their field and to engage with students from other schools who are also studying VCE Philosophy. It is also suitable for students studying Year 11 VCE, the IB and the general philosopher.
Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre
University of Melbourne - Parkville

Generously supported by the Philosophy Department, The University of Melbourne.


Introducing our excellent speakers:

12:30          Registration

1:00            Dr Brennan McDavid on Ancient conceptions of the Good Life (a comparison of Plato and Aristotle)

Brennan McDavid is the Seymour Reader in ancient philosophy at Ormond College and a fellow of the University of Melbourne’s School of Historical and Philosophical Studies where she teaches Greek Philosophy and other subjects related to ancient Greek and Roman history, ideas, and language. She recently completed her PhD in philosophy at Princeton University. Her research focuses on ethics and epistemology in Aristotle.

2:00            Dr Arthur O’Neil On Nietzsche: The Good Life is a Work of Art

Arthur O’Neill is currently working as a secondary teacher in the state education system.

In this capacity he has taught in and produced course material for philosophy courses in years 7 to 12.  In 2006 Arthur completed a Ph.D. through the University of Melbourne. The title of his thesis is Nietzsche’s philosophy of time.

Arthur has delivered lecture courses on Nietzsche at University of New South Wales, Deakin University and the Melbourne Centre for Adult Education. His current research interests include the role of pessimism in Nietzsche’s thought and love of an ideal as the intellectual basis for practicing virtue.

3:00            Afternoon tea provided.

3:15            Dr Keith Hankins on Singer ‘Famine, Affluence and Morality’.

Keith Hankins is a Junior Research Fellow at Ormond College. He recently completed his PhD in philosophy at the University of Arizona along with a Masters degree in economics at Rutgers, and beginning in the fall of 2016 he will take up an Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department and Economic Science Institute at Chapman University. His works focuses on issues at the intersection of political philosophy, economics, and social psychology.


To register, please complete the second page of the attached form and bring to the Forum on Sunday
COST: $20 per head unless you are a current VAPS member.


 We would prefer you paid the total by cheque or in cash on the day of the Forum.

Please inform your students they will have an opportunity to ask presenters questions, and may even send questions they would like presenters to address by 10th September  to
Email to confirm your attendance by 10th Sept.