PIPS (Philosophy in Public Spaces) Events for Schools

You may have noticed that the regular VAPS events for Secondary Students, and Middle & Primary Students at Melbourne Museum, Immigration Museum, Scienceworks, and the National Gallery of Victoria have been renamed. VAPS is no longer describing our events as 'Philosothons', as this terminology is more synonymous with the competitive style of philosophy practiced elsewhere, and we are refocusing our activities to support the development of caring thinking alongside critical and creative thinking.

These events are now referred to as PIPS events (Philosophy in Public Spaces).

VAPS will continue to run our full suite of events for students in 2020, with all of the same organisers still on board there are no changes other than the name, and we plan to make our 2020 events bigger and better!

PIPS Coordinator email

Schools' Philosophy in Public Spaces (PIPS) Events for 2020

Middle Years (years 5-8) at Melbourne Museum (30th Apr)

Senior Years (years 8-11) at University of Melbourne (TBA Aug)

Primary Years (years 4-6) at National Gallery of Victoria (12th June)

Middle Years (years 5-8) at Immigration Museum (30th July)

Middle Years (years 5-8) at Scienceworks Museum (10th Sep)

Middle Years (years 5-8) at Melbourne Museum (19th Nov)