Consolidating Philosophical Inquiry in the Classroom




FAPSA Level Two Teacher Educator Workshop


This workshop aims to give teachers, graduate teachers and others opportunity to assess their classroom practice as facilitators of philosophical inquiry with children.

Dr Vanya Kovach, Professor Laurance Splitter, Emmanuel de Skoutas, Dr Janette Poulton and Bonnie  Zuidland 12, 13 and 14th Jan  
Designed to support teachers who have already completed a Level One and had up to a years classroom experience.


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Level One Introduction to Community of Inquiry 

six months classroom practice as a COI facilitator.

Applicants will be required to share a short video of their classroom practice for the purposes of peer feedback.

The course will run for a total of eighteen hours over three consecutive days. 

VENUE: Centre for Theology and Ministry 29 College Crescent Parkville VIC 3052
DATES: 15th to 19th January 2016
TIME: 9:00am -­‐ 4:00pm, followed by mentoring.
COST: Deposit of $200 is to be made payable by 18th December 2015.
Payment in full is to be made payable to “VAPS” by 11th January 2016.

(See flier above for additional deteils and specific costs)


Attendance and workshop certificates:

VAPS is committed to the view that philosophy can be practised in the classroom by teachers with no formal background in philosophy. But we also think that without adequate training the chances of success are poor. Certificates of attendance will therefore be available only to people who complete the full eighteen hours of the workshop, and successfully complete a report regarding their classroom practice.

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VAPS Level One Advanced Philosophical Inquiry

Emmanuel Skoutas, Janette Poulton and Bonnie  Zuidland



Day 1  8th July, 2016

Day 2  9th July, 2016

Day 3 31st July, 2016  (shared practice, homework and assessment).


Designed to support teachers who have already completed a Level One and had up to a year's classroom experience - it is  a very practical 3 day workshop. Inquiries and Registration: